One more degree of care, attention to detail, depth of strategy, connection with the artists and their art.

Born from a movement created by its supporters, the band Nonpoint pays homage to the people it considers its life's blood; the band's fan group "361° - all things Nonpoint" by naming the label partly using the lyric they adopted as their own. 

Founded in 2020 by the members of Nonpoint and it's partners, Francesca Ludikar and Rob Ruccia. Now years after the birth of the lyric in their song "Circles", and the undying support of their fans, 361° Records is formed to champion and be a vehicle to distribute all new and upcoming Nonpoint releases, as well as providing a platform for bands old and new to have a place to be independent and fully reap the rewards of their success through their music. Giving artists a clear path to go that extra mile, take one more step towards independent success and turn it up ONE MORE DEGREE.

Every purchase helps support our mission.